After consciously building our professional Brazilian network over more than 7 years, we dare to say that we represent and have direct access to the absolute top of football talent  from Brazil

EVYTAL SPORTS MANAGEMENT. After more than six years of slowly and bit by bit investing, scouting, participating in social projects and extending in football expert networks with building up a football school in the centre of our actions, we can now state that we have the absolute cream of the crop to work with in Brazil. We represent football players, football clubs & sports projects internationally. Our main geographical focus is on Latin-America and Europe. Our reach will definitely expand in the very near future working from Evytal’s locations São Paulo & Amsterdam.  


WHAT WE DO AT EVYTAL. Whether you are a professional football player, coach/trainer, football club, a reputable brand or other related football business, you’ll most likely need professionals with in-depth knowledge and experiences from sports and football business. Fortunately, we can help you constructively towards ongoing success. We are those professionals who manage, negotiate and coach sports careers and businesses along the way. We have an international sports and brand network that will most likely benefit you automatically. Let’s work together! 


Sport Business Contracts

 Every sporter, sports club or sports project owner would like to go for maximum result. We assist professional players, top clubs and key projects in realising (international) solid and legally well-thought business agreements (contracts). To give you an idea, we can help you with business such as transfers, salary negotiations, sports projects, sponsorships, strategic partnerships and investments.

Career Planning / Personal Guidance

Talent is naturally a great asset. But we all know that is just one part of the gem. Reflections and the right choices with great timing are very crucial in the development of a top athlete. That’s where we come in. Evytal Sports Management helps you manage your career with an optimum fit and stands right behind you for your personal growth, career planning and all (future) businesses & financial  matters. We like to keep things hassle-free for all our clients. 

Sponsorships / Marketing

Top athletes gain more and more reputation value through their media presence over the years. It’s no secret that brands all over the world seriously love that influential potential. These brands long for reputable players that manifest themselves greatly. That means that players can get additional revenues for all their sporting efforts and successes. We can surely help our clients manage their celebrity brand throughout all contact points and create, guide and supervise brand relationships such as sponsorship agreements.  We most definitely go for constructive beneficial commercial sure shots. 

EVYTAL PARTNERS. Evytal Sports Management works together with various sports partners across countries worldwide. Our main focus areas are Brazil & Europe. We cooperate intensely with Brazilian & European football clubs, other agents and agencies on football business cases such as top athlete scouting, talent development, coaching, marketing, player salaries and transfers (not limited).


EVYTAL MEDIA  This video shows Brazilian football hero Pele growing up. We know many talented kids from Brazil in the same situation…  We seek, scout, train, coach and manage young talent and professional football player careers from a clear ecosystem perspective. Part of that idea is to socially help children via alternative projects. 



scouting, training and coaching young promising football talent from Brazil

Via various initiatives, such as our previous NGO project Fundacao Chance Real, we contribute to local growth in Brazil. We invested in new football talent via our previous football school project Futebol Academia Jartazi in Sumare, Brazil. The school further developed and got later related to the professional sports club Coritiba FC with the name Escola Coxa Sumare

Young Talents



Scouting hours

Evytal represents young and seasoned top talent from Brazil. We collaborate with various top clubs and cover a wide network to see, hear, scout and anticipate rapidly. Some of the football talents are already playing in the top of Europe and hold a European and Brazilian Passport. Evytal Sports Management 

Evytal represents seasoned A-level, licensed, well-educated top trainers, coaches and technical management. Aside of our own portfolio, we collaborate with many independent professionals around the globe, so we can always provide you with tailer made options. Evytal Sports Management. 

Rafael Barcelos Soriano Coach - Represented by Evytal

Rafael Barcelos Soriano

Porfessional Coach / Trainer


Fernando Rogério de Alcântara

Professional Coach / Trainer

Robertinho Oliveira Gonçalves do Carmo

Professional Coach / Trainer

Evytal’s sports journalists create and develop new blog posts weekly where they dive into the world of football, whether it concerns the sport itself, players/coaches, transfers, the business/economic aspects of football and more. We write articles, which cover various football related topics, to open the minds of our readers and show them that football is not just a sport, however, it is one of the biggest and most rapidly changing industries that has interconnected and warped itself into society and our hearts. The opportunities regarding football are endless and we are here to bring them into the spotlight.

UEFA EURO2020 & Spectators

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The Evolution of Women’s Football

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Ilan Mastrocola-Simon

Ilan is our latest addition to the Evytal family. The versatile 15 year old can play Right Back, Left Back, and even Central Midfield. This is very beneficial to his playing career, especially at a young age, as the discipline and football knowledge is present with...

Covid-19 and its Impact on the 2021 January Transfer Window

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Frank Lampard’s Time at Chelsea is Over

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In football the worst blindness is only seeing the ball.

Some people say football is a matter of life and death. I assure you it’s much more serious than that.
Bill Shankly

Formal trainer and coach (legend), Liverpool

Evytal represents seasoned A-level, licensed, well-educated top trainers, coaches and technical management. Aside of our own portfolio, we collaborate with many independent professionals around the globe, so we can always provide you with tailer made options. Evytal Sports Management. 

EVYTAL TEAM. We work with a small full service professional sports management team ready to help you with your sports business and management related matters. We work closely together with a network of partners across countries to keep full reach, specialist advise, rapid anticipation power and guaranteed quality at your service.



“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Peter Tucker

Chairman of the Law Reform Commission, UK

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