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Vacancy Lead programmer

About Evytal®

Evytal Management Consultancy (EMC) is a new international brand strategy agency, born from the collaboration between Evytal, an international sports agency, and Improovment, a Dutch brand strategy company. Based in Kampala, Uganda, our diverse portfolio of A-status clients relies on our expertise in branding, marketing, digitality, and design to define, develop, and promote their brands in order to achieve their business goals. With a team of passionate professionals, we strive for creativity, innovation, and excellence in every project we undertake.

Job Overview

Creative Lead Programmer

We are currently seeking a highly skilled Creative Lead Programmer who is proficient in AI, can work with multiple code languages, app development, websites, and other technical functionalities. As the Creative Lead Programmer at EMC, you will drive innovation and creative solutions through cutting-edge technologies and integrative thinking, collaborate with various teams, enhance user experiences, optimize customer journeys, and apply intelligent tools, AI, and design thinking methods. In addition, you will have opportunities to optimize our internal teams and processes and work on assignments for our most challenging clients. Join us in making a positive impact through your passion for programming, innovation, user friendly functionalities and innovative brands.

Key Responsibilities

  • AI-Driven Innovation: Lead the development and implementation of innovative AI-powered solutions for our clients, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in brand strategy and marketing, with a focus on enhancing user experiences, optimizing the customer journey, and delivering added value.
  • Programming Expertise: Utilize your programming expertise to create AI applications, apps, websites, and technical solutions that enhance our ability to deliver creative and strategic solutions, emphasizing user-centric design and design thinking.
  • AI Integration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including designers, marketers, and strategists, to integrate AI-driven insights and solutions into our services, with a strong focus on user-oriented value and design thinking. From app and webdevelopment programming to Open Source and API smart connections. You’re our progressive, cross and integrative thinking intelligent backbone.
  • Technical Utilities: Develop technical utilities and applications to support branding and marketing initiatives, working in collaboration with teams across borders, with a strong emphasis on delivering added value to our clients and using intelligent tools.
  • AI Strategy: Drive the AI strategy within the agency, identifying opportunities to apply AI and machine learning to enhance client projects, focusing on user satisfaction, effective communications, and design thinking.
  • Prototyping: Develop prototypes and proof-of-concept projects to showcase the potential of digital solutions in the branding and marketing space, emphasizing the user experience, added value, and design thinking.
  • Trends: Stay updated on the latest progressive and forefront trends like AI, techniques, and technologies, bringing your knowledge to our projects and ensuring it aligns with user needs and design thinking principles.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure that intelligence-driven and technical solutions meet or exceed client expectations, emphasizing attention to detail, creative implementation, functionality, user experiences, and added value.
  • Intelligent Tools: Expertly use and integrate intelligent tools and software to streamline development processes, save time, and generate innovative solutions.
  • Multiple Programming Languages: Leverage proficiency in multiple programming languages commonly used in app and website development, including Python, JavaScript, and others.
  • Leading development team(s): The ability to lead programming teams goes beyond your technical expertise and insights; it involves guiding and inspiring team members by setting a compelling example. You as a proficient Lead Programmer not only manages the intricacies of coding and using intelligent software smartly, but also cultivates a collaborative environment, motivating the technical team through ambitious leadership. By instilling inspiration and fostering a shared sense of purpose, they contribute to a cohesive and high-performing programming team (in- and external). We strongly believe in leading by example, leading by inspiration. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, AI, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
  • Proven experience as a lead programmer with a strong background in AI development, app and website development, and technical functionalities / utilities. 
  • Experience in leading by example, motivating by inspiration. 
  • Passion for innovation, programming, AI and a demonstrated ability to apply intelligent solutions creatively with a focus on user-centric design, design thinking, functionality / added value.
  • Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in AI and web/app development, such as Python, JavaScript, and others.
  • Strong integrative and cross-descipline problem-solving skills and the ability to conceptualize and create innovative solutions that enhance efficiency,, effectiveness, user experiences, deliver convincingly added value…
  • Excellent intercultural communication skills to collaborate with teams and clients from diverse backgrounds and ensure effective communications.
  • Native English is a must. Other languages are a plus.

How to Apply

If you are a highly skilled Creative Innovative Lead Programmer with a deep passion for AI, strong programming skills, and the ability  for intercultural communication and to lead by example, along with a strong focus on enhancing user experiences, optimizing the customer journey, delivering added value, fostering effective communications, using intelligent tools, and promoting design thinking, we strongly encourage you to apply. 

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and why you’d be an excellent fit for our team. Send your application to

Join our team at Evytal Management Consultancy (EMC) in Kampala (Uganda) and be part of an agency that values creativity, innovation, and excellence in brand strategy,  awesome utilities and design. We look forward to hearing from you!

Evytal Ltd., including its sub-brands, is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds. 


Please read more about our selection process, work condititions and expectations via our select and employ page here.