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Evytal Sports Management. We represent and assist football players, football clubs & sports projects internationally. We help them on sports business, marketing and sports career guidance subjects. Our main geographical focus is on Latin-America & Europe.


Whether you are a professional football player, coach/trainer, football club, a reputable brand or other related football business, we all would like to go for highest results.  To reach them you’ll most likely need professionals with expert and in-depth knowledge and experiences from sports and football business that will help you on sports business, marketing, management and career related aspects. 




Sports Business Contracts

We all like to have maximum results that fit a serious sports career. We assist professional players in realising (international) solid and legally well-thought business agreements (contracts) throughout sports careers. We seek, balance and offer you well-fitted international transfers, arrange salary negotiations and evaluate sponsorships deals among other related services.

Career Planning & Personal Guidance

Talent is naturally a great asset. But we all know that is one part of the gem. Reflections and the right choices with great timing are very crucial in the development of a top athlete. That’s where we come in. Evytal Sports Management helps you manage your career with an optimum fit and stands right behind you for your personal growth, career planning and all (future) businesses.

Sponsorships & Marketing

Top athletes gain more and more reputation value through their media presence over time. It’s no secret that brands all over the world seriously love the power of influence. These brands long for reputable players that manifest themselves greatly. This means that you can get additional revenues for all your sporting efforts and successes. We can surely help you manage your celebrity brand throughout all contact points and find, guide and supervise brand relationships such as brand sponsorships. We most definitely go for your constructive beneficial commercial sure shots.




Sports Business Contracts

Every sports club, organisation or sports project owner would like to go for maximum result. We assist professional organisations and key projects in realising (international) solid and legally well-thought business agreements (contracts). We can assist sports clubs with business contracts concerning transfers, salary negotiations, sports projects, strategic alliances  and sponsorships.

Strategic Business development

Strategic business development is an investment in systematically mapping and networking your ecosystem to drive transformational opportunities (future) businesses. We can help sports companies in realising, aligning and establishing a clear strategy for business and organisational growth. 

Sponsorships & Marketing

A sports organisation often has multiple earning models within their overall business model. Whether they work today effectively or not, we help to reorganise these into effective propositions for the market. We analyse, create and implement new ideas from a marketing strategic point of view to kick start for operational execution. We can help to set up effective marketing, change teams, innovate services and products, arrange sponsorships to organise companies towards profitable business. 

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