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Process Application


1. Application Review

After receiving your CVs, motivation letters, and any additional materials such as portfolios or assignments at , we will thoroughly scrutinize each submission to identify the top 5 candidates.

Note 1: Submissions are accepted until April 2024.

Note 2: Completeness of your application is crucial for our selection process. Please ensure that your package includes: a comprehensive and relevant CV, a motivation letter for the position and our agency, a portfolio (if specified in the vacancy), and an assignment (if required in the vacancy). Additionally, kindly include your expected salary for the first and second year at our start-up agency.

2. Notification of Top 5 Candidates

Within 2 weeks of the initial selection, we will inform the top 5 candidates of their status. If you haven’t received notification within 3 weeks of submitting your application, we regret to inform you that you haven’t been selected for this position. In such cases, we appreciate your interest and hope you find suitable employment elsewhere.

Note: Unless you explicitly request us to erase your data, we will retain your information for future opportunities that may align with your profile.

3. Video Call Interviews 

The top 5 candidates will be invited for 20-minute video call interviews. This will provide us with an opportunity to better understand your qualifications, skills, and alignment with the role.

4. Final Face-to-Face Selection Meeting 

Following the video call interviews, we will narrow down the selection to the top 2-3 candidates. Shortly after, will invite these candidates for a max one hour face-to-face selection meeting in Kampala, Uganda. Location shall be communicated.

5. Decision and Proposal

After the face-to-face meetings, we will make our final selection. The chosen candidate will receive a proposal for signing, officially marking the commencement of the employment contract.

We expect the new employee to use the time before the official start for self-preparation, especially if certain competences require additional attention. Due to the immediate involvement with our premium clients, who anticipate experienced and top-notch service from our team, a swift adjustment is essential.

We appreciate your understanding and commitment throughout this selection process. Our goal is to build a team that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our esteemed clients. We look forward to the prospect of welcoming a new member to Evytal®.


    Conditions Upon Employment

    We know that we expect a lot from our “Evytallers”. Therefore, we believe in cultivating a work environment that not only acknowledges dedication and innovation but also prioritizes the well-being and comfort of our team members. When you join us, you can anticipate a comprehensive set of benefits designed to enhance your work experience:

    • Competitive Salary: We recognise the value of your skills and experience and offer a competitive salary package that reflects your contribution.
    • Vacation days: Embrace work-life balance with 20 days of paid vacation annually with full-time employment, ensuring you have ample time to recharge and reconnect.
    • Vacation Money: Enjoy a 5% vacation bonus over your year salary, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your well-deserved breaks.
    • Profit Bonus: After three years of unwavering commitment, open the door to a profit bonus, a tangible appreciation for your dedication and role in our collective success.
    • Equipment: Work with high quality gear; computer, laptop, smart phone and the latest software, all in place. 
    • Free Daily Drinks: Stay refreshed throughout your workday with a variety of complimentary beverages available at the office.
    • Fruit and Healthy Snacks: Nourish your productivity with a selection of fresh fruits and healthy snacks, always within arm’s reach to keep you energized.



    We are committed to creating a workplace where your well-being and professional growth are prioritized.  Join our team at Evytal®  in Kampala, Uganda, and experience a work environment that values and invests in your success.

    The brand of a company is its most valuable asset, and when nurtured and well-managed, it becomes a profound source of success. At Evytal, we understand the significance of a strong brand and strive to help businesses cultivate and maintain it effectively.

    With our expertise in brand management in the broadest sense of the word, we empower companies to harness the full potential of their brand, enabling them to thrive in competitive markets. We guide companies on the path of elevating their brand(s) to greater heights.  

    A major responsibility, which requests top notch Evytal members. We look forward to your onboarding!