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Rayan Dos Santos Fonseca

The Physically and Tactically talented 20-year-old central defender

Rayan Dos Santos Fonseca (12-09-2000) is  a talented 20-year-old football player from Paraná (Brazil) who currently plays at Verê Futebol Clube from city Verê . This amazing talent was recently scouted for Redbull Salzburg (first division Austria) and negotiations followed.

This amazing talent was last year scouted for Redbull Salzburg (first division Austria) and negotiations followed. Unfortunately, a sudden knee injury in 2019 interfered and further negotiations with Redbull Salzburg were declined due to: (1) the announced recovery period and (2) new team needs (transfers) at Redbull Salzburg side after  significant transfers (i.e. striker). This defender will be a real significant member of your team if you care for a solid insightful defence. Rayan Dos Santos Fonseca is physically strong, very tactical and is known for his great long distance passes to initiate the team to shift offensively.

 After his doctor’s attention and good care of the physiologist with various personal trainings, Ryan has recovered fully. He has been declared fully fit in May 2020. Training again at a good youth team in Brazil.   


Driving Force As Central RearGuard

Rayan Dos Santos Fonseca is known for his strength, condition tactical insights.
  • Speed
  • Tactical Awareness | Football IQ
  • Football Skills
  • Physique

Agent: Evytal Sports Management 2020

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Despite Rayan’s unfortunate injury leading up to his opportunity at RB Salzsburg, Evytal Sports Management has fully invested to nurture the physical and psychological strengthening to get Rayan back on track. 

Evytal Sports Management

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