Peterson Naitzk De Almeida

The talented 19-year-old  left back / left midfielder from Brazil with a great resume!

Peterson Naitzk De Almeida (1999-05-17) is a talented 19-year-old football player from Sao Paulo (Brazil) with an impactful and interesting history.  He started his football career at the well-known and recognised first division clubs from Sao Paulo state Santos FC & SE Palmeiras. Peterson collected European experience at the major first division football club Anderlecht in Belgium.

At a very young age Peterson Naitzk De Almeida showed to have an impressive left foot with exceptional agility. Peterson grew fast at Santos FC and went even to Anderlecht (Belgium) for a year. After that he returned to his Brazilian roots at SE Palmeiras, where he played for a few years.

And today he plays for União de Futebol (União Mogi), the club where Neymar was discovered.  União Mogi plays in the top of the second division (Serie B). Peterson Naitzk has had the interest from various European clubs already. If you like to cease and add  a major upcoming talent with great football experience to your team, it should be Peterson Naitzk De Almeida.

Driving Force On The Left-Side 

Peterson is known for his fast and quick anticipations in the field.
  • Speed
  • Tactical Awareness | Football IQ
  • Football Skills
  • Physique
  • Condition 

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Agent: Evytal Sports Management 2018

Spotted In The Media

Peterson Naitzk in the media 2018   “The football club União de Mogi debuted with victory in the second division of the Campeonato Paulista sub 20. The match was played on the afternoon of last Saturday (04) where the mogiana team beat Flamengo-SP by 1×0 in the Francisco Ribeiro Nogueira stadium, “O Nogueirão” in Mogi das Cruzes. The one who made a great performance being one of the highlights of the match was left-back Peterson Naitzk (ex Palmeiras). He is one of the promises of the clubs of Mogi das Cruzes for the São Paulo Cup Junior Football 2019″. [Taken from Esporte do Vale – See here for the original message – Brasileiro].

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