Evytal Sports Management. We represent football players, football clubs & projects internationally. Our main geographical focus is on Brazil (Latin-America) & The Netherlands (Europe).


Evytal Sports Management works together with various sports partners across countries worldwide. Our main focus areas are Brazil & Europe. We cooperate intensely with Brazilian & European football clubs, other agents and agencies on football business cases such as top athlete scouting, talent development, coaching, marketing, player salaries and transfers (not limited).
A.A. Ponte Preta  is a sports football club that plays in the national second division from the Brazilian competition situated in Campinas (Brazil). They have played in the first division (national serie A) for many years, but since some time the play competition in the level below (national serie B). They are responsible for a lot of football talent within the Brazilian top competition as well as for  international transfers.

Evytal Exclusive Partnership Europe 

Esporte Clube Primavera is a football club founded on January 27, 1927, in the city of Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. Known as Phantom of Ituana, this club has been present in more than 40 appearances in professional football. The club has been three times champion of the access divisions and already obtained a third place in Copa São Paulo of Junior Football, in 2001. Their youth plays in the highest division (Serie A).  They are mainly focused on their youth department development.

Evytal Exclusive Partnership Europe 

FC Coritiba  Well-established football club from the city Curitiba in Brazil. The are playing in the second division, Serie B from the national football competition. They have been playing for many years in the top of the Brazilian football. Evytal works with Coritiba in their Football school under their football school label Coxa. See also projects.



Associação Atlética Itararé is a Brazilian football club in the city of Itararé in the state of São Paulo. The football activities are being carried out in the base categories. Playing International Cups such as: Tronic Cup, Peace Cup, Mercosur Cup, Red Bull Cup and also the classic municipal championship, making the Derby more than 100 games against the Club Atletico Fronteira team. These types of competitions are disputed, while the team is licensed from the Paulista Football Federation.

AD São Caetano is an excellent Brazilian football club located in in the city of São Caetano do Sul part of the São Paulo metropolitan area. Currently playing in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D, the club is often able to produce good quality players which is why this team has won several trophies in different leagues throughout their history including the Paulista Championship Série A 2 in 2017. 

Academia Brasil Sports   Well-suited football centre for professional football camps and  elite trainings and football advisory. Evytal works on these professional grounds together on training, scouting, developing and guiding  talents and transferring them internationally. We can help European and Asian teams with their professional stay. These grounds have already been visited by great names in the football industry like the youth of AC Milan.



Ituano FC   Well-established football club from the city Itu in the state Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the state competition a very strong competitor. Over the years they have proven to be able to stand up against the powers of Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos, Botafogo and many more A-serie contesters from the state. On national level they come out in level C, third division.



Retro FC Brazil  Young (since 2016), but very strong club from the North of Brazil. In the state competition A1, a very strong competitor. Over the years they have proven to be able to stand up against the powers of many major Serie A teams such Esporte Club do Recife. They have a very strong youth department, playing national against all the top teams. At Retro FC Brasil  the next talents of international calibre will occur.  



 Improovment  for sports and entertainment media business. Improovment has extensive experience in music, content (media) development, sports and enter-tainment marketing. We stem from the European music industry, but entered the broadcasting, cross media world and sports years ago. We hold various labels Wetriggerpeople™ (Strategic brand & Marketing Management); Sportaneous® (Sports Platform) and Evytal®. We invest in sports data technology for social engagement icw IBM Europe. Improovment™ is based in The Netherlands.