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Maxuel De Cassio Da Silva

Attacker/Striker [20] – Currently playing for Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas

Maxuel De Cassio Da Silva [31/01/2000] is a 21 year old attacker/striker from Brazil who represents one of the most famous and prestigious clubs in Brazil, Botafogo. As a striker, Maxuel is fast, he is sharp and has a natural striker mentality to put the ball in the back of the net no matter what. The Brazilian weighs 78kg and is 185cm tall, therefore, making him a strong, quick, physical and agile striker (Evytal represents him for Europe). He is a natural attacker and uses his skill set to pose a dangerous threat to the defenders and goalkeeper.

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Born in Brazil, Maxuel De Cassio da Silva has been playing in his native country since he started playing football. The season of 2017/2018 proved to be an important year for the young Brazilian while he was playing at Associação Novos Horizontes Futebol Clube. It was at here where Maxuel really started to grow and develop as a young talent with loads of potential. Due to his success at the club, his statistics and data, it drew attention from Esporte Clube Primavera (3rd division) who then offered a contract to Maxuel. 

In 2018-19, Maxuel played for U-19 Esporte Clube Primavera where he was able to have received guidance and mentoring from top quality coaches at the prestigious club. In addition to this, his skill, talent and overall dedication was challenged by the high competitiveness of the 3rd division in Brazil. However, not letting this stop him, he contined to shine and prove he is a talented footballer with the potential to go far. 

When he turned 19 he moved the the U-20 squad (they play the highest youth competition)  and played a total of 11 games, thereby, gaining experience and necessary game time to ensure growth and development. By displaying excellent talent and good stats, he was approached by Botafogo FC (1st division) and signed a contract with the famous Brazilian club. He played for the U-20 squad and had a very successful season at the well known Brazilian club. 

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In the 2019-2020 season at Botafogo

Playing a total of 34 games, the Brazilian scored 20 goals across various leagues/tournaments. 

Copa SP: 4 Matches / 1 Goal
Paulista: 11 Matches / 10 Goal
Taça Rio: 6 Matches / 6 Goal
Brasileiro: 13 Matches / 3 Goal


  • Speed
  • Tactical Awareness  
  • Football Skills
  • Physique
  • Condition 
  • Striking

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