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Matheus Oliveira Caliman “Caliman” 

Left or Central Midfielder [23]

Matheus [18-04-1997] at 1,70 cm and at 66 Kgs, Caliman is a solid, strong, fit and has a low centre of gravity who use his talents and skills superbly well.  

Matheus grew up in Brazil and has been groomed and guided by some of the finest coaches and clubs a young Brazilian player could ask for. Making his first move to Santos FC in 2010 and playing there until 2013 he was able to have received guidance and inspiration from one of the most famous football clubs in Brazil. At the end of the 2013 season he transfered to Desportivo Brasil FC and continued his growth in football at the club until 2016 where he then joined Sport Club Internacional for one season. The Brazilian moved to England to train at Middlesbrough FC and had a short run at the club until he moved to Rovaniemen Palloseura (Finnish Club) in 2018 for the season. in 2019 he moved to SKN St. Pölten in Austria where he, yet again, was able to gain experience and grow as a young footballer. Desportivo Brasil - WikipediaSC Internacional - WikipediaMiddlesbrough F.C. - WikipediaRovaniemen Palloseura - WikiwandWedstrijden SKN St. Pölten tegen Nederlandse clubs in de Europa Cup Manchester United Football Club: Glory glory Man United ...SC Freiburg - Wikipedia




In addition to the many clubs Caliman has already played at, he also had the opportunity to attend training periods at both Manchester United as well as Sporting Club Freiburg.  

The young talent has gained experience all over the world and is hungry for a new challenge which will take him to the next level in his football career. 


  • Speed
  • Tactical Awareness  
  • Football Skills
  • Physique
  • Condition 

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