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Magdiel Nascimento

Magdiel Stopa Pessata do Nascimento, technical left back / midfielder. 

Magdiel [3/03/1995] is a versatile player with an absolute impact as a left back/ midfielder. A critical offensive impact balanced with defensive technical excellence.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, but raised in Petrópolis, passed by Carangola and played extensively futsal in Serrano as a child, Magdiel Stopa Pessata do Nascimento heavily developed under Fluminense F.C. One dacade under the nurturing of this Serie A club, physically, mentally, and personally. Duque de Caxias Futebol Clube soon recruited the prodigy player as he further refined his arsenal as a player. Magdiel chose to make a complete return to his home city Serrano, returning to representing Serrano FC.  




  • Speed
  • Tactical Awareness  
  • Football Skills
  • Physique
  • Condition 

Agent: Evytal Sports Management 2019

Featured Media

MAGDIEL: I’m going to my third season, the will to win is tripled

Serrano Football Club

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