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Lovrial Santos 

José Maria Pratas

The famous Portuguese coach has worked with several clubs from all over Europe including Portugal, Spain, Germany and Hungary. As assistant manager or often being part of the coaching staff, Jose has been involved with, Sporting CP (2005-2007), U-19 Lusitano F.C (2011-2012), Clube de Futebol Vasco da Gama Vidigueira (2012-2013), C.F. Os Belenenses (2014), Évora Football Association (2015), U-17 FC Porto  (2016), Sporting Club Viana do Alentejo (2016) Debreceni VSC (2016-2017), FC Barcelona (2017), VFB Stuttgart (2017), FC Jumilla (2018-2019) and Estoril Praia SAD (2019-2020).

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Professional Coach History 

After his time at Clube de Futebol Vasco da Gama Vidigueira he took on his next challenge and moved to C.F. Os Belenenses in 2015 for an intership. C.F. Os Belenenses is a current Primiera Liga team and the internship durated a few months. In addition to this he also perfomed a short internship at Évora Football Association, which is the Portuguese Football governing body. José worked with the U-14 male and the U-17 female national sides, which allowed him to work with extremely talented coaches as well as young players of both genders.

During his time at the national football governing body, Pratas was able to really gain hands on experience and cement himself in the Portuguese footballing world. Later in 2016 José wanted to expand his horizons and made a move to Debreceni VSC, which is an Hungarian club, currently competiting in the second division of their national league. 

José was given the assistant coach title at the new club which allowed him to gain more knowledge and hands on experience as a coach. He stayed at the Hungarian club until 2017, which allowed him to grow and expand the knowledge that he developed over several years. 

Close to the second half of 2017, the Portugeuse then performed two more internships at VfB Stuttgart and Barcelona FC. He spent several months at both clubs which allowed him to broaden his knowledge of different European football styles. At FC Barcelona he did an intership in the Sport Science and Health Department with António José Gómez, the current head of this department. During his time at the Stuttgart he worked in the department of Performance Analysis (GPSports Workshop) with Thomas Thimm

From July 2018 to June 2019 José worked as an assistant coach in FC Jumilla which is a football club in Spain that competes in the Segunda Division B. Currently Pratas works as an assistant coach for Estroil Praia which is a Portuguese based football club that competes in LigaPro. 

About Me


  • Possesses a doctoral degree in Sport Training Football.
  • Possesses masters degree in High Performance Training Football.
  • Possesses a undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Sport Football.

Other Work experience

I am a football professor at the Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Portugal as well as a educator in UEFA football courses. I enjoy working in the lives of young students who are interested in sports especially football.