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Jéferson Souza

The talented 25-year-old goal keeper (Goleiro) Jéferson Oliveira de Souza from Brazil!

Goal keeper (Goleiro) Jéferson Oliveira da Souza (04-02-1994) is a talented 25-year-old player from Sao Paulo (Brazil) with an impactful professional goal keepers history. 

Talent Jéferson Souza standing 1.95 meters tall and bodily plasticity, he is a real athletic goal stopper. He played for first division clubs (Serie A national) such as Sao Jose EC (São Jose do Rio Preto) aside of second division (Serie B national) club America Futebol Clube. Also for nationally well-known teams on state level such as Desportivo FC, EC Primavera and FC Guarani.

Jeferson Souza is very athletic with great reflexes, explosion power, stretch and jumping power. Very trained in picking (“dangerous”) balls out of the air within the 16 meters area and very fast on grabbing low balls on the ground. An anticipative and active goalkeeper with a magnificent warp reach. Jeferson Souza is all round and has football (left footed) technique as well.

 A Keen Anticipative Goal Keeper (Goleiro)


Jéferson Oliveira de Souza is known for his warps and 16 metres ‘air’ catches, fast anticipation skills on low balls, communication and leadership skills in the field. He has great athletic movement and flexibility with extrodinary hand feet coordination. 

  • Professional Attitude
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Reflex
  • Physique
  • Condition 

Agent: Evytal Sports Management 2019


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