Every year new football talents arise and emerge from various parts of the globe. Decades after decades, South America has proven to be a football talent producer with some of the most known super stars, such as Pelé, Ronaldinho, Neymar Jr and many more. Unfortunately time is always working against footballers and their opportunity to shine and display their skills is limited. Thankfully, when one star fades another is ready to take up the mantle. So who are the next young footballing stars in the making? In this article I will discuss 7 stars in the making originating from South America.


Matheus Henrique De Souza

Central Midfielder 

Firstly we begin with Matheus Henrique De SouzaBorn in São Paulo Matheus is a 22 year old Central Midfielder who is making his name known in the Brazilian Série A. With a current market value of 20 million, the 22 year old has grown, developed and become a household name in Brazil and further. Matheus is a right footed Central Midfielder who uses his tactical vision and accurate passing to carefully select players and feed them the ball.  With a good decade still to go in his football career, Matheus has plenty of room to grow, develop and chase new adventures in different leagues.

According to Transfermarkt, the Brazilian has played a total of 2542 minutes in 2020 across various leagues/cups. With a total of 30 games to date this gives Matheus an average of 85 minutes per game. This means the youngster is a regular starter in the Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense first XI. In addition to this, it shows his importance to his manager, Renato Gaúcho, and that De Souza is at the centre of his game plan. More importantly, the 22 year old has also represented the Brazilian u 23 national youth side 13 times and scored 1 goal. Matheus made his debut for the Brazilian national side against Senegal in 2019.

The expectations and pressure are high for young Matheus, however, he possesses the composure, skill set and talent to perform well while under pressure. These are the qualities of a star in the making and Matheus is no doubt a star, hence his market value of 20 million euros.

Carlos Alberto Gomes da Silva Filho

Right Winger 

Carlos Alberto Gomes da Silva Filho is a star in the rising. Having recently been selected to represent the Brazilian U-20 side, once again, he has international experience at just 18 years old. Carlos is a fast right winger who uses his foot work and attacking mindset to create problems for opposition defenders. The Brazilian has represented Flamengo RJ, America Futebol Clube Minas Gerais and played for the U-20 Brazilian national youth side. 

Carlos Alberto possesses impressive statistics on football database sytems and is the forerunner thereby showing his skills and talent. At 18 years old, he most of his career still lies before him allowing him to be coached, groomed and mentored into becoming a world class winger for Brazil. In addition to that, he has the potential and skill to make his way into overseas leagues where he will be able to become a world renowned footballer and solidify a good reputation as a footballer. Carlos Alberto has been heavily watched by top Brazilian clubs, however, European clubs have been showing their interest in the youngster as well. If the Brazilian continues on the path he is heading and continues to grow he will undoutbetly be snatched by an elite club. 

Gabriel Vinicius Menino

Defensive Midfielder

Next we have another midfielder star in the making and his name is Gabriel Vinicius Menino. He is a 20 year old Brazilian born in Morungaba. As a midfielder, Gabriel stands 1.76m tall and has great vision and attacking skills. The right footed player currently plays for SE Palmeiras, who is ranked 7th on the Brazlian Série A log. According to Transfermarkt, Gabriel has played a total of 37 games, at the time of writing this article, across various cups/leagues in 2020 and has clocked a total of 2687 minutes. This gives the Midfielder an average of 73 minutes of game time each match, making him a regular starter and an important player for SE Palmeiras. Gabriel is receiving a lot of match experience for his age at the highest competition level in Brazil, thereby showing that he has the talent and quality to compete with the best.

In addition to playing for one of the most prestigious clubs in Brazil, Gabriel has also represented the Brazilian U-20 national youth side 7 times and played a total of 399 minutes for his country. This provided him with great experience and allowed him to train and compete with the best of his age group in Brazil.

Gabriel, at just 20, has achieved so much already and has the potential to take his career to the next level. With a market value of 10 million euros, the price of Gabriel is a good indication of the skill set and talent he possesses.

Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza

Right Wing

Moving away from the midfield to the right-wing position, we have a star in the making named Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza. The 18 year old Brazilian was born in Assu and is currently representing SE Palmeiras. Gabriel is dominating the competition and displaying his talent and skills and is becoming a well-known name in Brazil. Having represented Palmeiras U-17, U-20 and the first team, Gabriel has been guided and mentored by one of the greatest and most prestigious clubs in Brazilian history. In addition to this, the right winger represented the Brazilian U-16 and the U-18 national youth sides. He played a total of 20 games and scored a total of 6 goals for the two national sides.

Transfermarkt data states that Gabriel has played a total of 26 games for Palmeiras across various leagues/cups in 2020. In addition to this, the stats indicate that he played a total of 1359 minutes. With an average of 52 minutes of game time per match, the youngster is still being groomed and introduced slowly to the Série A. If Gabriel continues to develop his skills and train hard, he will become a regular starter at Palmeiras and receive more game time. By becoming a regular starter he will ensure the growth of his reputation in Brazil and potentially worldwide.

The 18 year old star currently has a market value of 25 million euros, according to Transfermarkt, and if Palmeiras are able to continue developing Gabriel his market value will rise even higher.

Federico Matías Javier Zaracho

Attacking Midfielder

A player which is becoming more known by scouts and football talent seekers is Argentine Federico Matías Javier Zaracho. At 22 years old, he is becoming a house hold name in Argentina and is playing for Atlético Mineiro (Bra) in the Série A. The talented attacking midfielder has worked hard and has represented successful football clubs and the Argentinian U-20 and U-23 national youth sides. In addition, he has also represented the Argentinian men’s national side.  Federico played a total of 7 games (1 goal) for the U-20 and 8 games (1 goal) for the U-23 national sides. The Argentine has also played 1 game for the men’s national side and made his debut in 2019.

In October 2020, Federico moved from Racing Club (Argentina) to Atlético Mineiro (Bra) and has played a total of 8 games and scored 1 goal in the Série A. Having only played a total of 345 minutes, he is still being introduced into the new league and new competition. With a current market value of 15.5 million euros, Federico is a talented and young player who has the potential and time to continue to grow and develop into an even more threatening Attacking Midfielder. At 22 years old, he still has several years left in his career to grow his reputation in Brazil and worldwide.

Talles Magno Bacelar Martins

Left Winger

Another winger who is receiving a lot of traction and attention is 18 year old Talles Magno Bacelar Martins. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he has been playing football in his home country his entire life. He has represented Vasco De Gama U-17, U-20 and now currently represents the first side in the Série A. At 1.86m tall, he is tall, fast and poses a threat as a left winger.

In 2020, according to Transfermarkt, Talles played a total of 29 games across various leagues and cups for Vasco Da Gama, majority of which were played in the Série A and the Copa Sudamericana., he tallied a total of 2070 minutes in the 29 games which results in an average of 71 minutes per game. He has managed to score 2 goals and 3 assists in 2020 so far. The 18 year old Brazilian is proving to be a regular starter in the Vasco Da Gama 1st team and crucial to the manager’s match tactics and plans for the club.

In 2018, Talles made his debut for the Brazilian U-17 national youth side in an International Friendly against Portugal U-17. The following year, 2019, he played another International Friendly against England and then represented Brazil in the U-17 FIFA World Cup playing a total of four 90 min matches. This provided Talles with the platform to grow, gain experience and continue to master his craft.

Matías Damián Palacios

Attacking Midfielder

Moving back to Argentina, there is another star in the making named Matías Damián Palacios. At only 18 years old, Matías is making himself known in Argentina, South America and other parts of the world. The Attacking Midfielder is known for his skills, speed, attacking mindset, accurate passing and great vision to apply as much pressure on his opponents as he can. The Argentine represented San Lorenzo U-20, San Lorenzo’s second team and now represents the first team. Making these big jumps and competing at the top level in Argentina (Primera División) at the age of 18 is testament to his talent and form.

In addition to representing San Lorenzo, Matías has also represented Argentina U-17 and U-20. For the U-17 side, the Attacking Midfielder played a total of 17 matches and scored 5 goals and provided 3 assists across various international tournaments including: U-17 South American Championship, U-17 International Friendlies and U-17 World Cup. Matías has only played 1 match the for U-20 Argentinian side which was an international friendly.

With a current value of 9 million euros, at 18 years old he is progressing quickly in the world of football. With many years still left in his career, the possibility for Matías to become even more known and join even more prestigious clubs is a given.

These are just a few names of the many new up and coming talent that are rising and making themselves known in South America.

The question has to be asked, how were these players found and what method of scouting was used to identify these players? Why are these players considered to be the next stars of South America? Both traditional and more modern technological methods were used to find these players. In the next article we will look to explain what the traditional and modern technological methods of scouting are, how they work and their importance for finding talent?

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