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Flavio Henrique Ferreira Dos Santos Junior

The talented 25-year-old goal keeper from Brazil! 

Goal Keeper Flavio Henrique Ferreira Dos Santos Junior (18-05-1993)  is a very talented 25-year-old professional (1.97 m | 85 kg) from Sao Paulo (Brazil). 


Flavio Henrique (18-05-1993) started his football career at the well-known and greatly recognised top 5 national first division clubs, SC CorinthiansSE Palmeiras and second division club  Sport Clube Do Recife. (See Série A and Série  B Brasil).  He also played for numorous well-known state teams like Piauí Esporte Clube, Ipanema Atlético Clube, SE Picos, Campinense Clube, Cordino. 

Over the years he has developed quickly and became a vast steady member of the selection for various Brazilian clubs. On top Flavio trained as top talent with main country’s selection, the former national Brazilian team keepers, which of course substantially contributed to his growth towards the top athlete he is today.  

Professional Goal Keeper 

Goal keeper Flavio Henrique Ferreira Dos Santos Junior is an intelligent  strong communicative keeper with great ball control by feet and hands who’s clearly overseeing the game. Although he is the absolute top, he’s aware of improvement points  he wants to work on… Typical for a strong sports mentality and character! 

  • Mentality 
  • Tactical Awareness | Football IQ
  • Football Skills
  • Physique
  • Condition 

Agent: Evytal Sports Management 2019

Spotted In The Media

Goal Keeper Flavio Henrique Ferreira Dos Santos Junior in the media 2018  – Coming soon! 

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