Whether you are a professional football player, coach/trainer, football club, a reputable brand or other related football business, you’ll most likely need professionals with in-depth knowledge and experiences from sports and football business. Fortunately, we can help you constructively towards ongoing success. We are those professionals who manage, negotiate and coach sports careers and businesses along the way. We have an international sports and brand network that will most likely benefit you automatically. To view all of our services in depth please visit the link below

    Sport Business Contracts

    We all like to have maximum results that fit a serious sports career. We assist professional players in realising (international) solid and legally well-thought business agreements (contracts) throughout sports careers. We seek, balance and offer you well-fitted international transfers, arrange salary negotiations and evaluate sponsorships deals among other related services..

    Career Planning & Personal Guidance

    Talent is naturally a great asset. But we all know that is one part of the gem. Reflections and the right choices with great timing are very crucial in the development of a top athlete. That’s where we come in. Evytal Sports Management helps you manage your career with an optimum fit and stands right behind you for your personal growth, career planning and all (future) businesses.

    Sponsorships & Marketing

    Top athletes gain more and more reputation value through their media presence over time. It’s no secret that brands all over the world seriously love the power of influence. These brands long for reputable players that manifest themselves greatly. This means that you can get additional revenues for all your sporting efforts and successes. We can surely help you manage your celebrity brand throughout all contact points and find, guide and supervise brand relationships such as brand sponsorships. We most definitely go for your constructive beneficial commercial sure shots.



    Evytal Sports Management works together with various sports partners across countries worldwide. Our main focus areas are Brazil & Europe. We cooperate intensely with Brazilian & European football clubs, other agents and agencies on football business cases such as top athlete scouting, talent development, coaching, marketing, player salaries and transfers. 


    Expect top notch

    At Evytal Sports Management, we thrive on your unwavering drive. We truly appreciate: 

    High Achievers: Strive for excellence in every task and project, setting high standards for personal and team performance.

    Top-Level Performers: Consistently deliver exceptional results, exceeding expectations and contributing to the success of the agency.

    Client-Focused: Prioritize client satisfaction, understanding and exceeding client expectations through top-notch service and results.

    Continuous Learners: Embrace a culture of perpetual learning and improvement, staying abreast of industry trends, new technologies, and innovative methodologies.

    Passionate Individuals:  Approach work with a genuine passion for athletes, sports, brands and innovation.

    Strong Team Players: Collaborate effectively with team members, valuing diverse perspectives, and contributing to a positive and dynamic work environment.


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