Evytal Sports Management. We represent football players, coaches, football clubs & sports projects internationally. Our main geographical focus is on Latin-America & Europe. However our network of contacts stretch to Asia and Afrika. 


Below you can find Evytal’s overview from professional experienced and qualified (licensed CBF A) coaches who Evytal represents. All coaches have a  proven track-record of winning prestiges matches, trophy’s and championships. They are selected for their ambitious mentality,  group sensitivity and empowerment of building and anabling strong teams. They have a clear understanding of the technical football developments, stakeholders and politics and know how to strive for what they want and need to come to serious results. Most are internationally seasoned. 

If you like to have more information, please click on the coaches photo to see his professional page and/or contact us directly. We will be glad to tell you more about the specific person, qualities,  personal professional development and more.


“Evytal manages with a long term strategic career perspective throughout the whole career to create lifetime value. We are that solid rock they can lean on. Knowledgeable, flexible, transparent and of course commercially savvy to get interesting longterm win-wins. All done by well-nitted timing. We truly co-partner with all the relevant stakeholders in the system to strive for the best long term options in which the ones we represent always come first.”

Sven Willemsen MSC MBM | Elias Germano

Partners, Evytal Sports Management