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Evytal Sports Management. We represent football players, football clubs & sport projects internationally. Our main geographical focus lays on Latin-America & Europe. We work with carefully selected partners to provide you with the best services beyond our own.

Educational private institute Buckswood School with their excellent Football Academy can help your sports talented children develop themselves in a traditional English manner.  





Buckswood school, England, has the very prestigious Buckswood Football Academy, which has given many students on their campuses the opportunity to grow and develop their football competences (skills, IQ, speed, strength, etc) with a lot of personal attention. The football academy was introduced back in 2011 and has grown and developed throughout the years to where Buckswood is now, competing at the highest level locally, nationally and internationally. Competitions, such as the ISFA, ESFA & County Cups are a few of which are participated in by Buckswood.

The academy accommodates several age groups starting at U12 all the way to U19. Each team has access to proficient training grounds including grass pitches, astro pitches, indoor facilities and gyms.

Premium Football Academy

Buckswood School & Football Academy possess outstanding quality staff members with some having experience working with Premier League clubs and FIFA. 

The Head of Football at Buckswood, Trevor Bumstead, possesses a UEFA A license, has over 5 years experience at Arsenal FC as the U16 Head Coach and 10 years as the Lead Youth Development Phase coach at West Ham United FC.  The Assistant Head of Football, Darren Horsmann, has a UEFA B License and worked at Chelsea FC and Brighton FC. The remaining academy staff all have FA Level 2 licenses and have experience at various clubs or other sport related organizations.

International trips & showcases

Each year an international trip is planned where players are able to gain insight from international football academies, play against teams/football academies for experience and broaden their knowledge in the game of football. Lastly, players are able to go for trials at semi-professional/professional clubs if they are selected and showcase the skills and quality which the clubs are looking for. 


What can be expected from Buckwoods’ academy?
Buckswood School’s Football Academy possesses proficient fields and sports facilities which allow players the best opportunity to play good quality football. Furthermore, players can expect to receive personal development plans which aim to help improve the players’ form and football skills. Video analysis can be expected and all players are able to receive their own footage which can then be used to analyse performance, gain experience and send to other talent scouts/football academies.

Evytal and Buckwood’s Partnership

Buckswood has an international perspective on their high school and make it one of their unique selling points. Students at Buckswood are able to learn from each other about different cultures and understand how people of different backgrounds think and experience life. This is extremely important in today’s globalised world, which is why Buckswood celebrates and promotes diversity within their school.


Coaching Philosophies

Buckswood Football Academy directly links to Evytal’s philosophy on diversity, group strengths and personal attention, as well as the articulated belief in educating the next generation of sport players who will eventually be able to A) contribute to ethical standards within the sports industry, B) manifest themselves as more balanced players, C) gradually accustom to top sport demands and D) have a future after their football career.

Evytal has always given true guidance to their players. That makes this partnership a well-matched extension on Evytal’s services of helping players with pursuing their career. 

Guidance, Coaching & Management 

Talented players who have proven their skills and abilities at the Academy and have a bright future in football can be managed by Evytal Sports Management if they wish. Evytal works closely together on further (top) talent placement and management in partnership with Trevor Bumstead (UK) aside of and after the Buckswood School & Football Academy. 

Note: We stress that neither parents nor players are obliged to sign with Evytal for their management. We are, however, more than willing to have an explorative talk about football player placement, management, guidance and coaching with you (as parents) and of course your son or daughter (the player) to see how we can be of optimal service. We like to strive for the best together!   



Intake for entering Buckswood School & Football Academy

We want to make sure that we are able to send football talent between 10-19 who show the right ambitions, personality and level of education to the private Buckswood School & Football Academy in the United Kingdom (EU). We therefore like to speak with the parents and the player together and also individually via modern communication. Together, we will discuss and explain the most eminent ins and outs from the school. We like to keep the mutual expectations as transparent as possible. 

Needed student/player information

Since the focus is on Buckswood Football Academy we would like to receive a. videos from the player participating in football matches, b.  clear CV with school and football career explained. 


Evaluation process Buckswood School & Football Academy

We will discuss the intake meeting,  the additional information and our evaluation with Buckswood School and Buckswood Football Academy. We will get back soon hereafter. 


On boarding process Buckswood School & Football Academy

If it is all positive we (in collaboration with Buckswood) help you during the further on boarding process (bureaucracy). 


Buckswood School & Football Academy: Facts that matter

Buckswood School is a co-educational day and boarding school located in East Sussex near Hastings in the UK. There are 450 students on roll, from over 200 nationalities aged from 10 to 19. We broadly follow the UK national curriculum at KS3 and KS4 and the 6th form offers both the A Level and International Baccalaureate programmes. The school offers a host of extra-curricular activities and continues to grow its sporting academies which focus on promoting sporting excellence. 

Buckswood school has been home to Buckswood Football Academy (BFA) for multiple years and has developed a worldwide reputation for providing learning advanced football combined with English boarding school education. By reaching the destination on and off the field, the alumni Buckswood go on to study at some of the best universities in the UK or start a career as a professional sport clubs player or employee at clubs such as Brighton, Hove Albion or Westham United.   

Invest in the future of your children. Be part of a private English high school with a sports system supported by Premier League giant Chelsea FC and trainers from the youth of Premier League clubs Arsenal FC, Westham United FC & Chelsea FC. Buckswood School fee: £10.100,- GBP per term. Plus Buckswood Football Academy fee of £800 GBP per term. A Buckswood school year consists of 3 terms. A student can enroll for the year or for a term, however, less spots are available for short term students. The school fee covers basic costs like tuition fees, living arrangements and usage of facilities, academic advice and support from school staff. However, there are extra costs such as books, school uniform, travel money, excursions, etc.    

Contact Evytal Sports Management today for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!      

Talent Placement & Management

Player Management for your talented young football player. Although Buckswood School & the Football Academy provide excellent development conditions and provide a platform for top scouts, we as Evytal can also include our experiences, knowledge, network, guidance and full service management aside of or after the boarding school term(s). We can extend and broaden the options of football clubs internationally: find, propose and negotiate terms with them, guide the player throughout his football career. We do that in close relation to Trevor Bumstead.     

Conditions. This will be done under player-agency contract terms (% over employment agreements & additional deals). We are a registered company in The Netherlands and official registered intermediary of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). Together with Trevor we can also legally operate in the UK under FA terms. A wide range of other football markets are covered by our extended network of Evytal’s trustworthy and full registered partners.   

Contact Evytal Sports Management today for more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!  Contact us 

“Our international tour Buckswood Football Academy invites players to experience the world of football at home of some of the giants of Europe! The players of Buckswood are trained to play matches against other well-known Academies and watch the game on the most famous field in Europe which makes them work harder and eager to achieve their future career”. 

Trevor Bumstead

Head of Football , Buckswood - Arsenal FC

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