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Evytal Brand Management [EBM], the 360° Brand Agency for future proof brands

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At Evytal Brand Management [EBM] we like to consider the brand as the energetic, vibrant epicentre of any business. We work as a team of experienced innovative strategists, marketing experts and designers who are passionate about helping brands succeed in the ever-evolving market. With a strong emphasis on innovation, we strive to create a brand fit that aligns with developing and designing innovative business, processes, communications, services and products for our clients..

What we do AT EBM

We provide full service expertise with unmatched energy and years of experience. We are highly strategic vision-makers rooted in psychology, brand strategy management, innovative businesses, marketing, media, communications and tech that’s multiplied by Dutch design and equipped with a world travellers mindset and sports and entertainment origin; there is no doubt that we’ll find ways for your challenges.

Brand Research

We delve deep into the vast expanse of information to lay a sturdy foundation for the success of your brand business strategy. By unlocking the full potential of your brand today, you can embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. We keep your brand future proof. 

Brand Identity

Establish a strong and well-defined brand identity through extensive research, interactive sessions, and strategic creativity. Effectively position your brand and reveal that appealing and engaging brand story. From product and service to corporate, cluster, place and country brands. 

Design Solutions

Design new business models, revolutionize operational processes and achieve enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, rethink products, services and customer journey interactions. We take you from design thinking phases to succesfull implementations; we know how to drive change.    

Designing Elements

Our design prowess is at the forefront of creating visually striking brand materials aligning the brand identity, guaranteeing a commanding and unified presence and interactions across all touch points; above and below the line.  

Brand Marketing

Effectively convey your defined brand message to your target audience. With our refined approach to brand marketing and communications, we ensure that your message resonates in powerful and captivating ways.

Brand Management

Meticulously monitor, measure, curate and maintain your brand’s image, ensuring consistency and success across all touchpoints, including product and service relevance, processes, employee behaviour and communications.

Brand Endorsements

We specialize in arranging brand endorsements for both Football Players and Music Artists. Our mission is to ensure that brands have access to both upcoming stars and established professionals, creating long-lasting and synergistic brand partnerships. Trust us to connect your brand with the right talent and elevate your reputation in the industry.

Brand Sponsorships

Whether it’s organizing brand central events or connecting your brand to sports, arts, entertainment shows or knowledge conferences, Evytal ensures that your brand message and values align with your objectives, creating impactful sponsorships.

Brand Engagement

We excel at optimizing your social media presence. Whether it’s leveraging influencers or directly engaging with your brand followers, we skillfully create and curate impactful organic or paid social media campaigns. Count on us to ensure your social media is always at its best. We conveniently combine it with SEO and SEA tactics. 

Nike x The Proov Advertising campaign

Generating New Ideas. Solve major Challenges. 

Evytal Brand Management [EBM] is the 360° brand agency where design thinking fuels success. With innovative problem-solving techniques, we’ve revolutionized businesses, markets, and operations, achieving increased efficiency and effectiveness. Our fresh approach breathes new life into products and services, giving them a rejuvenated edge. Plus, our design expertise helps us create visually stunning brand materials, ensuring a powerful and consistent presence across all touchpoints. Join us on this journey of transformative design at Evytal. 


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Ongoing Projects

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Why we are different

We, at Evytal, are a team of skilled professionals located across continents, bringing a diverse range of expertise to our clients. Our connections with various industries, in particular sports and entertainment, enable us to create exciting brand opportunities and collaborations with both established and emerging athletes and artists. As your long-term partners, we serve as a strategic and creative interim hub, providing thoughtful and hands-on professionals who are well-equipped to contribute to your brand success. Whether it’s for ongoing team support, various restricted projects or individual interim positions, our well-trained ‘rockers’ are here to support you. 

Our EBM Work

At Evytal Brand Management [EBM], we have had the honor of collaborating with various clients. In for example product related cases our comprehensive range of services included crafting new business strategy and brand strategy, brand portfolio management, brand identities — encompassing brand names, logos, icons, brand elements, photos (photography), copy, and brand story. Furthermore, we ensure these ideas are brought to life by professionally printing them onto carefully selected bottles, cans, packaging, websites, above and below the line campaigns. Our full-service project management ensures a seamless and on-time end-end project delivery. We create unique concepts for various businesses, though we are double keen on  sports, music and entertainment related assignments. 


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Evytal Brand Management [EBM], the reliable partner agency by your side, is always committed to serving your needs. Our dedicated team and partners are here to provide you with expert support and exceptional solutions. Trust us to be your go-to resource, delivering top-notch services that align perfectly with your goals. With EBM, you can confidently navigate your endeavors, knowing that we are here to guide you every step of the way. Let us be your trusted partner, helping you achieve success beyond your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you.


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