Football, as a sport, has more fans, players, coaches & staff than any other sport in the world due to its global audience and recognition. This has led to many football clubs, especially in recent decades, expanding their budgets to youth academies and growing their prospective players. This expansion of youth academies has led to breakout stars and players with high potential, after some time, getting the spotlight they were seeking. This adds to the vision and goal of professional players, especially at a young age, to want to be a part of the first team and eventually get the spotlight and attention at a scale higher than ever before. A great example of these breakout stars consist of Mason Greenwood, Phil Foden, and Ansu Fati. These players, like many in the top 5 leagues of football, are players under the age of 21 years old who are achieving great leaps of gametime and recognition. This has led to their development as a professional much more effective and an increase in confidence and maturity along with that. This blog will highlight these 3 stars, how they came to the position they are in, and how Evytal as an organization is looking for similar paths with our clients.
Mason Greenwood

This 19 year old superstar is one of the high potential players that broke through the Manchester United Football Club Youth Academy. He also represents one of the many examples of players that eventually broke through the youth teams and into the First team, including Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, etc. The Englishman is a Right Winger and has contributed to 31 goals in goals and assists in 87 appearances for Manchester United First Team. The reason behind his success is especially due to his high performing stats and achievements for the U18 team, with 34 goals in 34 appearances respectively. Recognized also in the international scene, Greenwood made his debut for the England U-21tournaments earlier last year. In addition, his style of play reflecting former Manchester United success stories, including Robin Van Persie, has led to his great success in becoming a regular First Team Player. His approval and praises from Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also add to his high profile, including his increasing market value, social media following, and more.

Phil Foden

Similarly to Mason Greenwood, the 20 year old englishman broke through the youth teams of Manchester City and is now one of the high-performing players for the first team. Having been named the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year, this creative midfielder has been a key player to Manchester City’s successes this season, and will debatably lead to them becoming Premier League champions by the end of it. Key events to his professional career, including debut goals, MOTM awards, and performances at Champions League level, has made him one of the most promising recognized youngsters in the football world. What sets him apart from his club rival but international teammate Mason Greenwood have been his club awards. The Dometic titles Phil Foden has received, including 2x Premier League trophies, 1 FA Cup, and 3 Capital One Cup trophies, are just the first of potentially many club trophies he has. His contributions, along with a mature mentality and high confidence to perform at a very high level at such a young age, have made these awards and achievements possible. 

Ansu Fati

The 18 year old winger from Guinea-Bissau is currently one of the key forward players of FC Barcelona and is now debuting for the Spain national team. Similar to Greenwood and Foden, his mental attributes, along with high performing contributions to Barcelona’s youth teams have made him successful and recognized at an equal level. Playing for one of the most recognized and successful football clubs in the world, Fati is well aware of the pressures and high expectations that are associated with that. Even so, his contributions are key to Barcelona’s performances, even in a relatively poor season compared to years before. This could be due to political and environmental conflicts associated with FC Barcelona currently as well as the ‘rebuild phase’ that the football club are in. What is interesting to add to his player profile is his personal life before his professional career. Having moved to Seville at the age of six with his family, along with his father struggling financially, Fati’s early stages of childhood and growing up was not considered the most privileged-wealthy. Even with those circumstances, his ability to perform at this level has made him, along with Greenwood and Foden, one of the most promising youngsters in football. 

Evytal’s paths for young clients

Here at Evytal, we not only recognize these success stories of youngsters breaking through the ranks, but look to have similar paths with our clients. Many players, including our recent addition Ilam Mastrocola-Simon, are examples of the young players who are looking to become success stories and professional players at well established football clubs. Our organization looks to provide the best path, advice, and resources for our clients. In conclusion, these success stories highlighted are not only an example of what can be possible in the beautiful game, but is also a motivation and a reason for our organization and services included to be present. 

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